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belongs to her generation, social experts teeth in Vietnam , analgesic and antiseptic. Mix olive oil with clove oil and apply a cotton swab to the affected tooth as well as swollen gums in a 1: 2 ratio. You repeat this times a day. Home treatment with black pepper and basil. The use of black pepper and basil is one of the simple and effective caries. You cut some basil leaves, washed and crushed together with some black pepper. After milling into a paste, apply to the affected area to quickly reduce the toothache. Effective toothpaste at home Using a bit of artichoke powder on your teeth you will notice that the pain is markedly reduced. As with other methods, turmeric is very benign and does not have any side effects. How to cure folk tooth decay with chrysanthemum.

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Natural teeth are easily abrasive by acids in the mouth, in foods that are eaten daily, especially those that are high in acids such as orange juice, lemon juice, and carbonated drinks.

Improper oral hygiene: The wrong tooth brushing routine is the cause of tooth enamel erosion and gum recession. Use brushing brushes too hard, or using the brush improperly, combined with the use of inappropriate toothpaste to make teeth wear off, especially the root of the tooth. vietnam dentist prices

Gastric reflux: gastric acid that contains reflux acid in the oral cavity will erode enamel, commonly found in people with digestive diseases, vomiting and reflux.

Causes of pathology can easily be seen that all ages can occur pathologically, regardless of the age of the adult or young.

Treatment of root canal defects Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Depending on the degree of root canal defects, your doctor will prescribe the most appropriate treatment. Common in small teeth 4, 5, 6 and incisors.

Corrugated tooth grinding, this method applies to cases of tooth root abscess at a mild level has not affected the pulp. This method helps to overcome the root canal fast and save costs to the maximum. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Dilatation of the teeth: For grafts to cover the missing teeth, there are certain conditions, such as: tooth erosion, tooth decay, periodontal disease, tooth decay In a given volume, the surrounding tissues are more likely to provide blood for the new graft. New grafts can be taken from the palate, the swing from the neighboring gum tissue …

Porcelain crowns: This is the final method recommended by the doctor to overcome the severity of severe coronal wear, damage the pulp and want to preserve the real teeth. cấy răng implant